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Pursuing the Summit
An author, speaker, TV and radio broadcaster on the Scriptures, Sonja Corbitt’s potent Bible teaching, vivid speaking style, and gripping Bible studies inspire and equip Christians everywhere who long for intimacy with God. She uses Scripture study in every media to help others foster intimacy with God, improve biblical literacy, and promote serious catholicity. Wherever He is found – in the Sacraments, the Scriptures, or “distressing disguise” – the Word of God is Sonja’s favorite thing.

“Why ‘pursuing the summit’? Because over and over again in poetic language the Scriptures portray the mountain-likeness of God, and it is my “call within the call,” as Mother Teresa put it, to help inspire and equip you in the glorious, sweaty enterprise that will ultimately require your very last breath ― pursuing the Summit.”

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Sonja’s Radio Show, Pursuing the Summit

Pursuing the Summit airs
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Sundays at 7:00 am and 11:00 am EST.

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I teach the Bible because it’s like a fire in my mouth. Because people
are hungry to hear God speak, and to feel His touch.

Sonja Corbitt

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