Pursuing the Summit

As a Catholic author and speaker on the Scriptures, Sonja Corbitt’s potent Bible teaching, vivid speaking style, and gripping Bible studies inspire and equip Catholics everywhere who long for intimacy with God. A sought-after speaker in the Catholic community and author of her own high-impact DVD-driven Bible study series, Sonja uses Scripture study in every media to help others foster intimacy with God, improve biblical literacy, and promote serious Catholicity. Wherever He is found - in the Sacraments, the Scriptures, or "distressing disguise" - the Word of God is Sonja's favorite thing.
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About Sonja

A veteran Scripture teacher, Sonja founded a non-profit as an evangelical when her own deep need for more of God began to connect with her Protestant brothers and sisters, and she began receiving invitations to speak around the country. read more
Serving both itinerantly and locally, and on radio and TV, she was privileged for many years to witness God speaking and moving in people’s lives through her preaching.

Later, her hunger for righteousness having led her to the Church as both the "pillar and foundation of truth" and the desire of her heart, Sonja was dismayed to discover the number of Catholics who buy and use Protestant Bible study packages, those same packages that she worked on prior to her full communion with the Church.

Because Sonja loves the Church with a desperate, grateful love, and is fiercely loyal to the Pope and Magisterium, it is her heart's cry to participate in the New Evangelism by drawing people more deeply into the Church through the Scriptures. She writes Catholic Bible studies, and travels anywhere and everywhere to spread the message that God's love is as strong as death.

Sonja teaches regularly and lives in Tennessee. Her appearances are championed by her husband, a true Joseph, their two collaborative children, and the flexibility of their family's homeschooling schedule. Besides her devotion to the Eucharist and the Sacred Writings and their Author, Sonja is in formation with the Third Order Carmelites. She delights in a pot of apricot tea, her rocking chair and quilt on the porch of her farmhouse, the English countryside, Austen, Dickens and Michael Crighton novels, and long hikes along the Appalachian Trail.

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Call Within the Call

Why "pursuing the summit"? Because over and over again in poetic language the Scriptures portray the mountain-like-ness of God, and it is my "call within the call," as Mother Teresa put it, to help inspire and equip you in the glorious, sweaty enterprise that will ultimately require your very last breath ― pursuing the Summit.
Right now I am busy traveling and speaking, teaching classes, and in the throes of a huge, new project. My love for the Scriptures continues to deepen as I study, write and sweat the message that God has whispered in my ear.

I am a Catholic preacher, writing and speaking on ... well, all kinds of things; but especially how the Scriptures speak to contemporary issues like busyness, woundedness, our need for acceptance and love in the most secret parts of ourselves; formation and growth, and how to hear God speak. This term, "preacher" means something far different in Catholic Tradition than it does in Protestant circles, but I'll leave you to figure that out. I am available to speak on these and the other themes on the Talks page of the site.

I especially can't wait to show you how the Bible applies to your circumstances right now, how to find answers there from God to the questions you have about your life, and to make the Scriptures come alive for you.
I teach what I have learned from the Master teacher: as we journey, He is hiding in cavernous depths for our seeking, sending us hillsides of dancing wildflowers, and leading us directly into the blackberry briers. Let's follow the haunting echoes of his voice through the gorge together. Though the thrill leaves me emotionally stingy with what I have discovered in the mountain, I am compelled by its glory to wave you over for a peek!

Find Sonja's Bible studies! Copyright 2014 Sonja Corbitt. All rights reserved.


You know your diocese, parish, or group better than anyone; Sonja considers herself, simply, your handmaid. Partnering with you in ministry is very important to her, so feel welcome to approach us with your ideas and budget requirements. read more
Sonja's appearances are championed by her husband, a true Joseph, their two collaborative children, and the flexibility of their family's homeschooling schedule. She loves to tailor her message to meet the individual needs of her hosting party, and will happily speak on your preferred theme.

Please let us hear from you about the personality of your group so we can customize an event that is most suitable. See the Talks page for a helpful list of possibilities.
When contracted through this site*, Sonja's honorarium is typically $1100 for the first talk and $750 each additional, plus expenses, and one-half is due within 14 days of contract agreement in order to save the date. Contact the office for details. read more
Expenses: In addition and where applicable: prepaid air fare, hotel or other lodging, rental car if necessary (or mileage @ $0.31 / mile), and traveling fees (parking, subway, etc.). Sonja is always open to staying at a convent or retreat center out of respect for your group and budget.

Once you have reviewed the information, please visit the Contact page, e-mail us with your phone number and other contact information and any questions, should you have them. Someone will contact you shortly. Should you decide to invite Sonja to speak, a contract will be sent to you by email with request for deposit in order to save the date.

*Honorarium increases when contracted through speaker's bureau, CMG Booking.


Bishop David Choby of Nashville with Fr. Stephen Gideon, Sonja's Pastor: "She is orthodox and faithful to the Church's Magisterium. She is loyal to the Lord and His Church and is a credit to the faith in our diocese, her parish and the broader community."

Deacon Keith Fournier, Editor in Chief Catholic Online, the largest Catholic internet presence on earth next to the Holy See: "Sonja Corbitt is an example of 'feminine genius' at work, enriching the Church. Her capacity to open hearts, minds and lives to the ancient, yet ever new faith, and to break open the Sacred Scriptures – always in fidelity to the Magisterium - in a manner which brings them to life, is to be commended. Her contagious love for the Lord and His Church should be welcomed in any parish, college or Catholic apostolate. Given her background as a former Evangelical protestant who came into the fullness of the communion of the Catholic Faith, she is also ideal for ecumenical gatherings. Sonja is one of our most popular writers and has been for years. Her articles on the Sacred Scripture and the interior life have moved many. Her insights into contemporary social concerns, always in fidelity to the Magisterium, have also contributed greatly to the work of our global apostolate. She has my highest recommendation."

Fr. Pat Mulcahy, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Bonita, CA: "Sonja displays a unique and wonderful talent in sharing God’s Word to the casual as well as more sophisticated listener in a way that will inspire both. She is one of the rare presenters who can reach across the spectrum of listeners with solid and faithful scholarship while presenting in a way that never sacrifices substance for style. She offers both. I have personally benefitted from her writings and presentations and I recommend her as a great source for orthodox Catholic teaching presented with a charming Southern style."

Joseph Johnson, Editor Inspirational/Trade Books, Broadman Holman (Retired): "Sonja Corbitt is one of the rarest talents I have ever encountered. Not only is she an amazing writer, she is gifted with a dynamic, winsome personality and a bright lovely appearance which makes her all the more attractive for book signings, speaking engagements, and other public appearances. Sign her to a contract. You will never regret it!"

Mike Arrington, Vice President Corporate Affairs, Lifeway Christian Resources: "I am just a 'lowly layman,' but I was certainly impressed. You are a talented, gifted lady and I pray God will continue to use you to impact lives for Christ."

Pam Carver, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, TN: “I love your love - you radiate Him so beautifully. It is captivating and inviting to those lucky enough to witness it! Thank you!”

Debbie Merryman, Women's Ministry Leader, Regional Women's Retreat:
"You make me crave what God continues to pour into you."

Debbie Clarridy, Gatlinburg Women's Retreat:
"You nudge me, you inspire me, to learn about the Word. I've learned and been challenged by your teaching."

Kathleen Jeager, Christ Fellowship Women's Retreat:
"Your sparks fly everywhere! Your fire for God is so evident to everyone around you!"

Find Sonja's Bible studies! Copyright 2014 Sonja Corbitt. All rights reserved.

Talks (see below for details)

Find Sonja's Bible studies! Copyright 2014 Sonja Corbitt. All rights reserved.

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Find Sonja's Bible studies! Copyright 2014 Sonja Corbitt. All rights reserved.

Talk List

Audio CDs of Sonja's talks are available here.  

Year of Faith in Action: Heroes of Faith in the Scriptures and How To Be One Too! (leadership talk, based on Hebrews 11)

Come with me as we explore the lives of seven people so completely daring in their faith that their heroism is recorded for all of history in the Hall of Fame of Faith. Throughout your study of Hebrews 11, you will feel as though you are following the path blazed by some Spiritual Greats who continue to beckon us to risk everything in believing God. Abraham, Moses, Joseph, David, Mary, Peter, and Paul, learn the secrets of how God strategically forms the faith of leaders and be inspired to a heroic pursuit of God yourself!

The New Evangelism, Secrets of the Great Evangelists and Leaders in the Scriptures


Healing the Father Wound (Click here to listen to an mp3 talk on this topic.) It is a modern epidemic that fuels rebellion, homosexuality, promiscuity and all manner of sin in the Church and in individual Catholics. "The hearts of fathers must be returned to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers" (Mal. 4:6). So many people carry "daddy wounds," from relationships with fathers, stepfathers, priests, grandfathers, etc. that negatively affect their relationships with God and other men. Even careful fathers cannot meet every need of their children, but they can avoid major pitfalls. A Scriptural study of God as our "Abba" through the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, we learn what it means to have a safe place to acknowledge weakness and receive strength. We explore worship as an act of love, and the Our Father, in which some of the deficits that proceed from a father wound become clear - anger/rage vs. rest; rebellion vs. faith; forgiveness vs. revenge; abandonment vs. presence; perfectionism vs. grace; fear vs. love. As we reach beyond our deficits to God, we learn from Jesus how to climb into the bosom of a loving Heavenly Father (Jn. 1:18).


Fearless, How to Conquer Your Demons and Love with Abandon "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" (2 Tim. 1:7). One of the saddest realities in the Church today is the numbers of Christians who live with paralyzing anxiety and fear. While desperately desiring to serve God fully, they are simply unable to move past some overwhelming obstacle. Even "seasoned" Christians struggle with the temptation to fear, often through circumstances. Yet, peace is God's promise. God intends for His children to be free to love with abandon, and live as ones who are FEARLESS! In Fearless, we discover scriptural tools that help us understand and conquer sin, Satan, self, and standstill. We explore how to discern the methods the enemy uses to keep us in slavery to sin, fear, anxiety, and depression. More importantly, Fearless is a contemplation of love, for Love is the only possible weapon against the spirit of fear. "There is no fear in love; perfect love casts out all fear" (1 Jn. 4:18). Audio:Week 2, Part 1  |  Week 2, Part 2  |  Week 3

Soul of the World, the Heart as God's Dwelling Place Where does God speak to me? How can I draw Him more deeply into my heart and life? “Make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell with them … and there I will meet with you” (Ex. 25). Discover how the “old fashioned” trappings, rituals, and practices of the Catholic Church are scripturally rooted in the Old Testament tabernacle; how they connect you to God in the ways you long for right now; how all the “outdated rules” are relevant and absolutely necessary to your quality of life and daily experience; and how your individual soul is meant to reflect all of it.

What to Do When You're Angry With God
A study of some of the Biblical people who were angry with God, including Cain, Elijah, Jonah, and the prodigal son, the Scriptures allow us to "eavesdrop" on their frank conversations with God regarding strong negative emotion, and how God dealt with them as their Heavenly Father.

Bed of the Soul
In our often graceless age we encounter people everyday, sometimes ourselves, who wonder, "Does God really love me?" The Scriptures probe this question very deeply, and it is through an exploration of the ancient, mystical insights of the Song of Solomon that we discover a love song from God revealing His shocking passion for the soul.

Dew of Heaven
In this culture of economic stress, widespread depression and anxiety, high pressure, and chronic busyness, we discover that times of refreshing are not only a welcome luxury but a spiritual discipline. Find out what provisions God makes for His children.

When God Breathes: How God Produces Deep Spiritual Growth Using Your Current Circumstances and Relationships
The desire to grow and thrive runs deeply through the human race. Yet the issues in our lives and relationships that we wish would change often become stagnant despite what we consider our best efforts. Change and growth are a promise of God, as inevitable as the sprouting of a bean seed that has been buried under the seeming darkness and suffocation of dirt. What I discovered about how God produces change and growth in our lives did more than surprise me; it has formed the bedrock of my entire approach to life.

The Burning Bush
God is always speaking, but we don't always hear Him. By understanding how He speaks, and how personally God is working through us, we begin to clearly know and do His will, and appreciate how carefully we are being transformed from faith to faith.

The Secret Place
A study of "secrets" in the Scriptures and St. John of the Cross' Ascent, what we discover through the search is a practical structure of the stages of holiness and what awaits us in the secret place.